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World Design Education Bodies can deny the “GIFT: Gandhi Institute of Fashion and Textile” Diploma Certificate of Fashion/Apparel or Textile Design and its Associate Degree of 2 years, which carries highest skillful knowledge weight, since 1995.
Course detail is mention underneath for every one PERUSAL.
Summer workshop will Begin from 25th march 2014 onwards. For course details click this links and for course detail text with work and working photos and Design Arts Picture plates and for updates click this link for understanding.
Only 20 students will be given admission due to individual teaching.
Course duration is almost two month means 40 days, 125 Hours.
Course fee is 50% less than actual in down payment, with all learning materials and folios as per gift policies, teaching methods  and mission, for FEE click this link  “This is only for summer course and this facility will get closed in last day in first week of April 2014 for initial batch” Best learner will get 25% teaching fee refunded by cheque as/Gift Educ.
For more details about Gift Design Education for Fresh Learners Perusal click these links: for students art work shows and sales, for western garments, for fashion course and garments, for textile embroidery for multi task, for designer sari, for fashion conceptualization and illustration, for textile, website: email: and Address: White Cross Building, 15 Patel Society, Near CII Building, Panchvati, Gulbaitekra Road, Ahmedabad 380006, GUJARAT INDIA, Phone: +91 079 26463702
Mobile: +91 09825698294
“This is FIRST TIME on Fresh Learners Demand Gift is conducting summer workshop”
SUMMER VACATION WORKSHOP OF GIFT FOUNDATION COURSE IN AHMEDABAD FEE: Rs.25000/- with learning materials and folios, means BURDENLESS learning. LINK:
“125 Hours in 35 to 40 days learning”
“Carry home after learning, learnt work of value design, worth above 1 Lac in folios and frames”
2014 Gift summer workshop in Ahmedabad
Summer workshop of design in Ahmedabad
Summer workshop of art and craft in Ahmedabad
Summer workshop of art in Ahmedabad
Summer workshop of craft in Ahmedabad
Summer workshop of design and art in Ahmedabad
Summer workshop of design and craft in Ahmedabad
Summer vacation workshop in Ahmedabad
Summer vacation workshop of design in Ahmedabad
Summer vacation workshop art in Ahmedabad
Summer vacation workshop craft in Ahmedabad
Summer vacation workshop design and art in Ahmedabad
Summer vacation workshop design and craft in Ahmedabad
Summer vacation workshop art and craft in Ahmedabad

Art and Craft Hobby Summer Vacation workshop, onward 25th of March every year in Gift, with learning materials and folios, means BURDENLESS learning. “Duration 125 Hours means 35 to 40 days learning in 2 months” “Carry home after learning, learnt work of value, worth above approximately 1 Lac in folios and frames” In workshop learn colour transparent character surface designing, water colour, ornamental design on paper and fabric, embossing surface and painting, stencil and air brush painting and pencil shading under craft and art hobby as Gift Foundation course. Gandhi Institute of Fashion and Textile Ahmedabad by Khalid


GIFT Learners are not foolish
How foolish are we in our human society? Are we aware that the Indian Ashram Education of the Golden Era is diminishing and is being overtaken by clever professional Education, or maybe the human race has no more humanity left in them that it is being overtaken by clever, evil and greedy human mind? That is why nobody is interested to see or do good deeds that are the pillars of honesty, modesty and simplicity of our human society which is on the verge of vanishing, where evil power is surpassing it. At one end there is hatred and prejudice spread all around and on the other we talk like saints. Where we are heading? What kind of hypocrisy is this?
But most of us have one peculiar habit, which is not to believe in others because of the above mentioned reason. That is why we are accustomed to do everything ourselves and realize that most of the time we end up wearing the wrong shoes. The consequence of that habit grips them so tightly that they are unable to breathe normally and therefore suffer, wasting their precious time and often tend to become impatient. Why is that so?
We are all aware that we have been living with the earth’s treasured Holy books and Granth which nobody can write as of today, but there are nearly nil in number of people who continue to practice these books which nobody will deny modestly, honestly and if humanity resides in them.
The God Almighty created as a part of the earth paradise, versatile human habitats, with different living styles and languages, all mentioned in history beautifully. Just how our finger prints, never match each other,( but still that teaches and preaches the gist of human society togetherness with its needs.) but inspite of all this people were barbarians and were still insecure so God Almighty guided them through versatile noble humans who have written the best of the Holy Granth and books to understand and live with humanity. When these are available in various languages making it easier for any person to read the religion of their interest, there are still many who don’t practice these with humanity. Then what is the difference, are we humans or animals?
This shows we have lost one glory which is so powerful, meaningful, and knowledgeable and as simple and modest for anybody to practice openly, but it has become a secret art hidden in the human mind and soul. What is that?
In the historically written text when heard from our Gurus and teachers as humans today cannot make us realize the truth of the soul which was poured in those holy books at that time and unfortunately they fail to bring out the essence of their meaning honestly to us. This hardly shows us the detail about how our saints, “sadhus”, swamis, prophet and their “avtars” earned their bread and butter and the source of their charity. Then where do we gather such knowledge which we can read, understand and practice to purify our soul and mind to live a life of humanity.
There were instances when these noble “avtars” performed some charity with their right hand and their left hand was unaware of this act. This shows that their mind, heart and soul were very much in control, all due to the God Almighty
That is why our Avatars, saints, munis, sadhus, swamis and prophets were offered by others enough which was more than their needs and they offered to the needy human endlessly.
With this we realize that we have lost a beautiful glory of learning of the above mentioned practice.
It is said that these “avtars” of noble people commonly begged from those who had the ability to fulfill their needs, for the weaker section of the society. They have always begged for the needy people and thus are never shunned away, but we fail to see this act which is very essential for our society.
Everybody knows how people hide their begging from others in favour to their needful working and living, but are not honest and modest enough to accept it in the human society. For example when we are talking to god, we often beg for various things in life but we fail to realize that we do not need to ask so much from him, and going overboard towards anything in life does not always give a fruitful result in life.
In order to gain favors we beg quite often without realizing that we are not able to breathe for a better living as follows:
We unknowingly beg at various instances of life like in hospitals from doctors, in schools from teachers, for admission seats in schools, colleges, etc for jobs, mercy or forgiveness, replacement, water requirement, immunities and many more endless human likings and needs. Even then it is not possible for them to confess themselves to be beggars because according to our human society we have a different view towards the word “begging”.
Many professionals beg form God, like doctors looking for patients, industrialists in search of end users, schools and colleges for learners, farmers for rain and fertilizers for fulfilling their need for survival. When they fail to get what they desired for, they tend to curse God without realizing that our own destiny and luck is written by God and that has a great role to play in the life of every human creature. Those who do not understand this are seen to indulge in practices that distort and deteriorate themselves rather than others.
Begging is a kind of art which is harmless and helps to builds the human society as mentioned in the poem written in hindi by Prof. Khalid Ameer Rafique “Bharat se Hindustan tak”, which was inspired by Vinobha Bhave and Gandhiji ,our forgotten glory of Indian society. That is why GIFT is named as Gandhi NGO. We thus beg God for providing us knowledge and skills to share with each learner who comes at GIFT for a definite purpose. GIFT Designing Education Course Abstract which is not less than other UG and PG courses. Here the teaching and learners learning ability improves day by day and becomes simpler which is the greatest begging honored to us by the God Almighty and we are thankful for such a reward. We certainly will continue begging for the above said understanding, without fail as long as we survive on this earth paradise by the grace of God Almighty.
The above mentioned is the truth that we practice and if anybody would like to pour their heart and soul at GIFT to make it the world’s best Designing Institute on this earth paradise, where many learners can be benefited then they are most welcome.
I Prof. Khalid worked almost 34 years, in versatile meaning, for this mission and if you walk towards GIFT with applause, then the true step of your kind gesture will be highly appreciated for your guidance and support, and the God will certainly shower you with blessings.
Today GIFT short term part time education professionally is the first wonder of the earth and should be continuously praised by all without hindrance and hesitation. Some people have also suggested that GIFT deserves a national award for having peculiar ways of making education easier and more informative by all means.
My mission, my objective, my understanding, my knowledge ,my faith, my joy, my begging for living when becomes lesser than my student, that day I will hand over GIFT to its learners which is my soul’s first and last wish, by the grace of God Almighty.

“Abandoned and Forlorn”
Characteristic of basic tool utility for beginners.
The wonderful character of every individual which is now a long lost glory has been conveniently forgotten due to lack of acknowledgement for their good deeds. Non-productive activities have commonly increased which results in developing greed and insecurity.
No doubt, evil minds and skimmers are becoming quite powerful in their act day by day, not making it possible for innocent people to live with innocence. Since these two are exist in the same society it is simply impossible that each of them would not be affected by each other’s nature, creating nothing less than a battlefield in Education, without bullets and weapons, full of bureaucracy and politics.
Today there are many students who realize their learning after their education tenure is over since there is so much hypocrisy even in education that the environment feels polluted for every innocent living. GIFT has had learners till today coming from other organizations with their faces blank, without any reflection of knowledge learnt previously, whereas GIFT instills the emotion of the reality of living life through phrases and proverbs increasing the overall knowledge of the learner.
GIFT NGO policies, objectives and teaching methods certainly have a great mission to make every individual fresh learner, gain enough knowledge to practice their subject without any hesitation, where each student professionally grows to have a much better life. A simple example is like an eleven month old baby, while learning the first few steps of his life tumbles down while sitting or may hit his head softly with a fall and suddenly in no time will it learn to walk and run even before the parents cannot imagine. This similar instance can be compared to GIFT Design Education learning, since it teaches in a step by step manner and inculcates the basic subject so thoroughly, that the student carries forward the knowledge and learnt skills throughout his life.
Growing kids enjoy outdoor games with friends since it is their only means of recreation (fun and joy). In the same manner GIFT learners graduate from GIFT with knowledge and a certificate and experience a similar enjoyment with their professional Design work. This proves that gained knowledge cannot be snatched by others and this practice helps to keep other evil intentions of humans away from them and this strength gained helps to build the society, organizations and nations. That is why GIFT is Gandhi NGO that believes in the motto “not to see, not to speak and not to hear evil”.
A very well known saying is quite appropriate here, “Old habits die hard”. That means, it is a test of a true teacher and guide to make a person unlearn the past in order to teach them any subject correctly. For example in schools and colleges where they have very less space for seating and writing, students spend their entire life in adjusting and accommodating themselves for each and every thing in life. While practicing this, their mental discomfort and frustration reflects in their physical appearance where they are sometimes not able to realize their deterioration in writing. Due to that their intellectual level is full of hypocrisy and thus they loose their essence of ethics in life. They need to be corrected time and again else they would loose courage towards learning because this attitude is not true grace of noble profession. It will loose its charm gradually (and a time will come later for no work many beneficiaries) then nobody will talk with high moral, simplicity and modesty. That is why GIFT, at the beginning, takes care of such above mentioned as follows.
It is very important for any fresh learner to understand the character and behaviour of the tools used by a designer and the power it possesses for versatile effect such as pencil (different grades), brush (different sizes, number, length, round, flat and fancy), different kinds of pens, scissors, measuring tools, drafting tools, air brush, cutters, power operated machines etc. The cautions and smooth functioning of these tools on paper, fabric, colour, dyes, etc. are taught quite effectively to the beginners, through demographical methods subjectively, which is a major part of teaching at GIFT.
Why is the above mentioned important in GIFT’s Education Program?
It is because, the toughest task was to make the learners unlearn the wrong methods and their unchangeable attitudes, and make them more enthusiastic and challenging towards their learning. That is why GIFT NGO’s six month, part-time, short-term Fashion Design course followed by seventh month of Textile Design Course equivalent to UG or PG courses of other known design institutions, are learned with authority, all by the grace of God Almighty.
GIFT common Learning Foundation Program Course Abstract for Fashion Design, Textile Design, Home Fashion Textile Interior D├ęcor and Jewellery Design as follows:


GIFT Faculty take care through demonstration for each learner HABIT of using RIGHT or LEFT HAND for LEARNING DESIGN SUBJECTS, WITH DIFFERENT DESIGN TOOL & MACHINE.
GIFT learner learn how to handle and utilize super fine soft hair ARTIST FLAT, ROUND, FANCY BRUSHES AND AIR BRUSH in meaningful usage for ENDLESS CREATIVE DESIGN WORK, according to the GIFT Faculty demonstration that should be SOOTH AND AUFAIT TO LEARNERS CONFORT TO ACHIEVE DESIRE RESULTS FROM COMMON LEARNING for future effortless deisgn practice and further learning.
  2. GIFT Common Learning Programme for Fashion, Textile, Jewellery and Home Textile
    Story of Color Transparent Character by GIFT
    The Art of Design and their learning is not easy but at GIFT it is simplified by the virtue of God almighty for every individual learner.
    GIFT is full of story telling about design with a co-relation of history relevant subjects along with technology whether it be small scale, large scale or “Laghu Udyog” or “kuttir Udhyog”. Every learning of GIFT can very well gel in with the one who was apparently our Father of the Nation Mahatma Gandhiji, whose style of education, ideology, philosophy , Ashram style living and learning, Gandhi’s India, idea, entrepreneurship more than job and dream, I intend to carry forward since the beginning.
    No doubt transparent in any relation or work includes Accounting, Management or any other professions etc is highly appreciated by masses and is good for mind to keep a calm and peaceful healthy living and working in a human society. Transparency brings in correlation of two and two together as like in humans for a better working that makes the environment more joyful with togetherness in nature which is a good sign of both sided growth. One must see how God has created the paradise of earth through transparency pouring the human mind with versatile Knowledge and practice in day to day’s life.
    When we talk about the transparent character of color we implement that character into our daily lives from nature cresting as road to success for all.
    It is a very difficult task to make the Course Abstract for Color which is to be learnt in a span of a few hours. A lot of thinking needs to be brought into consideration to create a learning of the subject with its methods and objectives like an unimaginable, enhanced intermission of the color and light that glows as ever for a successful path in all field of life. By the grace of God what so ever we do good and more good for our soul, which is God’s spirits in us, we should know how to be good, and if we are not as above then god is not concerned because he has given us hearing power, sight with intelligence to be humans that is why we are different and more meaningful than all creatures made by God.
    As we all know that without stories one cannot grow and learn and it is only the understanding of this “story” that helps a person to lead a better life in future.
    It is also a well known fact that every human has millions of stories to tell about themselves but expressing it through a quote or writing is not an easy task for every individual, leaving most part of the story incomplete and they have a sad demise where no one knows the “beginning” and “The End” of their stories.
    Then how can one teach this sort of complete learning in the classroom about the transparent character of color to the fresh learner in such a short duration?
    For coming up with a reason for this I have traveled in the memory of my mind for thousands of miles to recall all the glances registered since long. It is quite surprising to me as I have so many stories about colors to make others understand how to practice the color and color transparency, surface ornamentation and any such character in textile, or Fashion Designing.
    For e.g. If you are stationed on the apex of the tallest hill and look down towards the proceedings of the landscapes covered with sheets of fresh morning dew and hazel light one can find tremendous activities present which give an essence to the ethos of Natura, which is effusively elicited to its enigma, of transparency which is created by God almighty. This view gives birth to ideas to utilize that hue of versatile colors in the purest of forms like muddy marshes, greenery or stones, all in different depths showing a transparent character of an illusive mind in itself. This when brought about in ornamentation with a flat brush on a white paper for further development of fabric prints and paper prints which is used for gift wrapping gives the effect like the earth’s paradise and glory reflecting directly by the paintings unlike the sorcerer’s illusions. With this exercise one can see the changing color in a versatile increasing depth which is visually unimaginable in the mind.
    All this is understood better when painted practically and not when written in text. Normally, our eyes are not that sensitive to observe and catch any color, hues and its character that is why innocently as a human we are not able to notice the sight of color which we are observing. That is why one should consider through minute and detailed observation the objects of certain color character, and here one may find to their surprise that there are many colors that get blended and here we salute to God almighty for his creation of nature.
    For example, in rocks you can not only see grey, silver or a dark charcoal, but also versatile growing color glowing like the violet, crimson , scarlet and lavender in winter and in summer. The above colors apart from the natural ones seem to be hazy in nature and the natural are comparatively more dominant. Hence we can infer that the colors that are not so obvious in the rocks are an understanding which is the main reason that the object looks pleasing to the eyes in spite of being coarse, hard and rough in its nature. This understanding when transferred into transparency also helps to be unbiased against certain colors of our liking making us more open to the wide range of colors present till today.
    Another story of color which I see through the marine life in the down water is that in spite of the light not going to the deepest part of the oceans; life prevails which is so difficult to replicate today. This creation of God is a great example to understand that a simple medium of water through its properties plays the part of a prism and minerals create the translucence in it giving us a soft picture in our mind registering it for us to analyze. The understanding of how a squid changes colors in seconds, and how the fish are present in refreshing colors gives us a better understanding of how we can create a masterpiece using this quality of merging of colors in paintings.
    For example, the movement of vegetation and creature gives tremendous overlapping of unimaginable glitters of color and this when used as a color palette gives rise to a more meaningful painting through the flat brush with an analytical approach behind it. Here in nature we find the crystal blues and greens difficult to be converted for our understanding especially through text; hence a color palette is extremely essential to give our work a start. When the above mentioned colors absorb the bright red, blue, yellow etc, they turn to their respective shades making it eye pleasing and these when penned down and paint accordingly in transparency help us to understand the knowledge of purity of color.
    Another example is while passing through the valleys, during a full moon starry night, surrounded with grown up trees, green fields, as well as the uphill and downhill widening path with breeze whistling away into the air, we sometimes hear the wild birds and animal noises from all directions. In the midst of this our ear simply cannot locate the exact direction of the source of the noise, making our eyes get rolled up in fear, and at this time we see the surrounding colors in nature full of mischief with a translucent effect. This shows that the color changes with the state of mind and when this is recalled and implemented through empirical methods creating picture plates in our mind it is going to be like color sorcery like the magicians playing the flute creating colors like violet, silver, grey, foggy blue and stone hues. This state of mind reduces the distance from your glance and these when taken as a color palette, and painted would give an extreme feeling of a sober haunted paradise and this again cannot be explained or expressed that well by talking and text. One needs to paint in order to understand this particular character of the above stories to understand them more effectively.
    Another example is that the span between dawn and twilight, has a very dominant color of the atmosphere which is why the flying creatures and the objects seen appear to be not so strong in color that even though they have their own beauty of color losing its identity. This immediately relates to the story of the big fish eating the small fish or the fact that in front of the strong color the weak color loses its identity. Simply there is no darkness in the atmosphere during dawn and twilight that we can observe with our naked eyes.
    Mostly at that time you will find a prism effect in the atmosphere in colors where violet being the strongest and maroon showing tremendous depth, proceeds to give a translucent effect which is actually color transparent in character.
    The above understanding shows that as if some magician is weaving color in a transparent effect where we can notice every single color with immense depth changing its hues in such a way that many shades are seen.
    As artist are without any technical gadgets, because if they use the photography media where the camera cannot be your eyes; it is simply because the camera lens sees everything and your eyes are very particular with your focused mind. So again try to paint the color picture with a flat brush for better understanding in an ornamental style of nature in geometry with controlled generosity.
    Inspite of so many stories being told and endless work done, till date the knowledge is still incomplete in reference to colour. Here we realize and recognize the God’s created earth’s paradise which has innumerable colors in every zone and every objects on this earth.
    For example the botanical, zoological, minerals, precious stones, metals sand, mud, rocks, marine life, atmosphere, fire etc. have infinite and nameless colors. Here the mathematical reasoning of humans may have failed till today but the discovery of the human nature certainly can answer a lot of questions to find the name subjectively. When the colors get blended in it and cling to each other interlacing in a way that become two and two and more better in pairs but still you will not find colors in total. Every research from the above subject certainly will bring some light to the human understanding but no one can challenge the creator of this wonderful paradise ever.
    You should carry on claiming your research or discoveries mentioning your exploration, scientifically or empirical methods even though it may seem beyond human reach similar to the time when an atom of hydrogen blasts, the impact is so high that it is very difficult to take an account of the color formed during the blast. Who wants to see a colorless life? Sorry! This earthly paradise is not a place for them to survive in.
    Many researchers, face readers, palmists, astrologers, astronauts promised and talked blah blah…..about color and human nature and for this myself Prof. Khalid Ameer Rafique is a great example for my own growth in the field of color.
    My story which has become history is quite unusual than the other common people which was surprisingly unknown to me while I was pursuing higher education at National Institute of Design in Ahmedabad. (NID)
    During the very first month of second semester at NID when I was learning sketching and painting in fine arts. I simply painted the roses according to my understanding without any consultation and guidance. The very next day when I had displayed my work on the soft board for guidance, my colleagues and teacher along with the entire class were laughing their heart out which was quite surprising to me. I thought that since I was a fresh learner without any background in this art I must have received such a reaction.
    Later I realized that I had painted the roses bluish pink and this was how I understood color and my journey to understand it began from that instance of my life. Back home when I spoke to my elder brother Mr. Nasir.M.Rafique who at his time was the youngest principal of IHM Ahmedabad, laughed at me when I told him what had happened at NID. He suggested that we would consult a doctor to check my eyes with understanding of my brain pattern and then I realized that I could not see green and red and saw these colors as something else.
    That made me completely blind to the above two colors, and this episode took a mysterious turn in my life where my knowledge started growing infinitely in the field of color transparency and its character.
    I became a magician and sorcerer of color because the way I talk about color others may not be able to. So my empirical methods of learning have made me stronger and I have registered the actual colors and the colors that appear to me respectively for my in depth understanding of color.
    After a few years when I was working in Kolkotta (Rishra-West Bengal) for the development of linen fabric, being the senior most person I selected 7 people as technicians and supervisors who were freshers. They certainly went through medical tests and checkups and brain mapping and understanding of colors in the industry where the doctor found out that some were color blind like me.
    Even after me being at a high authority and all the tests that these people went through the organization raised the objective and had their strong doubts about these people that they would not be fit to work for their job profile due to the color blindness problem.
    I remarked that they were present not to design but would be taking care of the weaving with colors. What ever color shade they would be given they would have to simply match that and rectify it to the right shade and the color blindness can never change two images in itself in one mind of the same color. That means that the given color is green and he had to match it accordingly and even if he sees the color as brown he would still see the right shade to be matched with the sample that he would be given. For this I was highly appreciated by the organization for my good gesture towards the human society.
    I have crossed almost 35 years in the field of Textile and Apparel Designing and during this tenure I worked with Arvind Mills in Ahmedabad, Jayashree Textiles Kolkotta, Raymonds in thane, Gujarat Spinner and various small and large industries and also taught as a visiting and full time faculty at NID for 14 years and since 1995 teaching and heading GIFT.
    This journey of experience was enough to develop the expertise and course abstract for fresh learners to name with color. That is why at GIFT, the story of color transparent character in my life is seen and we highly succeed in what work we can do in one hour, making the fresh learner not believe their own work in such a short duration. Nobody can believe that with fresh learners for your understanding see our picture plates and try to practice your own accordingly, you are also able to do that because any organization would believe in transparency and developing bridges from one place to another for the designers community just as I believe in it.
    No one needs to believe the above mentioned as this is my faith and belief but it is the truth being proved at least since 15 years at GIFT (Gandhi Institute of Fashion and Textile, Ahmedabad) where the fresh learners are live examples to experience the above truth where in a few hours they become master of colors where the understanding and knowledge keeps on increasing day by day. They also become good at Surface ornamentation with versatile forms such as flowers and flowery, fruits, motifs, bale, booties, leaves, grass, trunk, thorns, geometrical forms, and their abstract texture for meaningful synchronization for a shape and look and this is a complete learning in just 25 hours.
    For your reference the actual color picture plates is kept for your understanding and the practice can be done globally.
    Thanks to God Almighty for my inspiration in faith to the masses along with my students in what GIFT teaches and believes.
    Facebook: Gift Gandhi
    All copy rights are reserved by Gandhi Institute of Fashion and Textile (GIFT, NGO),Ahmedabad.
    By Khalid Ameer Rafique
    GIFT Common Learning Programme for Fashion, Textile, Jewellery and Home Textile
    Colour Soul and Conclusions of Colour Blindness
    Colour blindness for a designer is a God’s Gift. But according to my knowledge, I have not seen and read about any colour blind designer or artist telling the stories about his distinguished methods and objectives in his practice how he drives his own colour paradise in his work and why he is successful. While searching in the library or picture plates of such designers and artists as mentioned above it is certainly not found as needed by my research.
    It may be known that colour blind designers and artists must not have felt the need to share their expertise openly about their lack of inbuilt character of being colour blind. But here I cannot write them with my expertise and understanding while going through the picture plates painted by them. A sort of fear about the society of how people are going to react or may be their extra gift by virtue of birth from God which they don’t want to share.
    Colour blindness means you are not fully colour blind. That changes the colour images into other colour images. Mostly if you see in the desert people are green and partially red blind. That means actually in place of green colour, they see beige, light brown etc. That means green gets replaced in vision to other colours and because of that the subjects becomes very important for me to do research, because this is unusual and they have totally different vision compared to common people. That means any one’s colour blindness in the human mind will affect the total colour of the universe. That means they can see any perfect colour hues but certainly their way of seeing the colour hue is different than common people.
    That certainly shows that I have practically tested the vision of colours as much more powerful than a common person and their visualization, composition while playing with colours are much more good in creating designs and painting in harmonious rendered symphony which is very settled and outstanding and their soberness is classic. For example in reference to the masses especially for textile industry, I have developed summer collections of 1992 of Raymond worsted Suitings for men’s wear. There I have used more than 7 colours in warp and in weft not less than two and created totally new colours of suitings from Raymond for domestic and overseas market which has a pinch of colour effect as well as a glow of light on every surface of the fabric which I have designed and till today nobody could copy that style of designing. People still remember that, that development has never been created by any designer because most of them who are in the field of designing are not colorblind.
    Ageing makes a person human and perfect. That is why as a teacher I am sharing my expertise to the global designers and textile industries which can be also useful for the navy and air force.
    For example: I being colour blind, the green appears more bright in nature towards brown colour and when I talk about aqua and marine green it has tremendous depth with a glow of blue and Aquamarine shades in it which is not possible to see for those who are not colour blind.
    If I compare myself to others, my colour blind for red is going to be very very different in colour palette than others. For example, red, blood red, tomato red, tan red, Indian red, rose red, maroon, magenta, violet, lilac, lavender, coffee, black, navy blue are very precious to me than any other common designers. In that example, if I am talking about maroon colour I can see in it hues of crimson, scarlet and more red splitting towards vermillion and orange. I can easily read the percentage of such colours and distinguish in separate portions their identity which helps me specially in blending different coloured yarns of the same or different tone from different color families in woven designing and due to this I can merge various colours and I can lift any particular colour on the surface as ornamentation decoration to make a fabric much richer and accepted by the masses likings.
    The above understanding and knowledge due to my colour blindness helps the industry grow financially as well as achieve fame. For example if you sandwich parrot green in between the rust in small quantity the parrot green decor will get converted into reddish rust (Orange shade), this, I can see without practice, but for others, they need to weave the fabric and see the result for a better understanding.
    In men’s wear, designers were very hesitant to use the feminine colour as decor but due to my colour blindness, I have used mostly such colours because they have the tendency to lose their identification very easily to other colours. That is why for ages the designers were using only grey decorations in tweed. In processing through milling these very bright colours lose their identity and become softer, but who can make people understand that colour blindness is a gift from God and not a curse to the designers.
    For example, a colour blind person doesn’t need to understand the chemistry of any individual colour segment and their dying percentage because in separation of that they can be read with naked eyes for above mentioned. And this is the strongest character in mind working machine which is much faster than any man made machine, due to the gift of god Almighty to the color blind designers.
    Due to the above understanding the colour blind person easily registers the colour images in mind with the name like others and when it is blended, the two different understandings in his utility and practice that creates unimaginable refined work which is classic.
    A colour blind person will never instantly use colours with fear because they have in depth knowledge due to the struggle in comparison to others colour mind that is the reason they are simply genius in the field of understanding of Color.
    I can write so many stories about colour blindness but every colour blind person is not as lucky as me to do the same. But according to my above text and articulation with examples, one can try with empirical methods to develop further ideas where at some instances I have mentioned above to feel the truth. Believe me and test, you will also believe that colour blindness is not a curse but it is God’s blessings.
    Here, I am sharing my trueness, but that may differ from medical science.
    Facebook: Gift Gandhi
    All copyrights are reserved by Gandhi Institute of Fashion and Textile.
    By Prof. Khalid Ameer Rafique
Learn colour behaviour and their interaction character effects
Learn colour monochromatic effects, and composition
Learn colour chromatic effects, and composition
Learn multi colour effects and composition
Learn colour and design FORMS from learners FRESH IDEA & understanding for useful surface arrangement
Learn how to RENDER & PAINT with photo water colours, WORN DESIGN GARMENTS OR ANY DESIGN CONCEPT such as SARI OR ANY ETHNIC WEAR, TROUSER, and SKIRT OR ANY FLORAL SURFACE ETC for future design practice.
FASHION INTERIOR WITH .5 BLACK PEN. All learning should be in MINUTE detail in MINIATURE form.
Learn how to create with fine flat brush ornamental effects from previous learning for FASHION ILLUSTRATION.
Learn how to draw directly any design forms as learnt previously with epoxy and coloured, rendered through AIR BRUSH for future design practice, on both paper/fabric
Learn how to draw stencil drawing form above learning and, to them mark for stencil cutting, how to use sharp edge cutter for stencil cutting and how to paint through stencil with air brush for future design practice.
Learn how to render different design FORMS from above learning but not MINIATURE, HOW TO HOLD PENCIL FOR REQUIRED VARYING PRESSURE TO GET PROPER RENDERING EFFECTS, how and where from one should begin rendering on any design drawing, how to use B, 2B, 4B and 6B STAEDTLER BRAND different DEGREES (lead) PENCIL for rendering design drawing and which pencil degree is required for rendering design concept, how to FIX PENCIL RENDERED DESIGN DRAWING, with AIR BRUSH, to maintain rendered drawing for eve, how to give extra colour ornamental graphic effects or render design drawing with air brush, how to create FANCY EFFECTS in rendering through soft degree pencil, how to create abstract texture while rendering
Learn how to paint fabric instead of paper for previous learning,how to use fabric paints for transparent painting,how to paint emboss effect with fabric bond epoxy,how to paint with colour dust. ,how to paint discharged effects,how to render fabric with fabric colour/dyes,how to paint fabric with vegetable dyes,how to paint and draw with air brush
Common Learning time as follows:
(That means approximately 31 days)
FRESHER’S Age should be 14 years and above and GIFT does not require any design skills/knowledge, for that, GIFT faculty take care of it individually.
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